About me

Grandson of the famous Azerbaijani folk painter Huseyn Aliyev, Adalat Aliyev was born on 12 February, 1967 in Baku city. Completed Secondary School 258 in 1983. Started military service in 1985. After completing military service in 1987 it was important to fulfill one mission – to get higher education, to become useful citizen to the society… With this purpose, Adalat Aliyev graduated from the Oriental Studies faculty of the Azerbaijan State University in 1990, and got a second degree from the Law department of Baku State University between 2003-2008.

In 1991, he married.

Adalat Aliyev started his work experience in 1990 at the «Saburovo» Creative Production Association as an operating-specialist. From 1991 to 1992, he was the Inspector of Foreign Relations Department of “IRS” Cooperative in Azerbaijan section of YTBN “Theatre Union”; and in the position of the Director of Foreign Economic Relations in Commercial Production Union “Gilan” between 1992-1995. He also served as the Deputy of Chief in the Statistics Office at Azerbaijan State Customs Committee in 1996.

Adalat Aliyev always took an active and close part in the social-political and cultural life of Azerbaijan. He established the “Lider” radio station on November 15, 1999 that was airing national jazz music in the radio space for wide audience as an example of world jazz music for the first time. The first and sole jazz radio creator in the country, A.Aliyev is distinguished in his innovatory approach. He has a free outlook on both music and life. His works on television deserve highest praise and admiration. It is not a coincidence that ever since becoming the President of Lider Television on September 01, 2000, Adalat Aliyev has dedicated himself to realizing educational and intellectual television projects, that teach the value of culture and the feeling of love for one's country, and continues to do so nowadays as well.

As a person with a constant passion and strive for development, Adalat was actively engaged in judo during his school years. Later on, during his university years, he was practicing tennis. He has also earned a sports degree in the field of Aikido.Growing up in the family of an artist, breathing in the creative atmosphere, it was inevitable that Adalat would develop an alternate, creative view of life. A.Aliyev is also an amateur photographer, who approaches the art of photo from his different point of view, creating truly unique art. He likes walking, and travelling. The countries, cities, and beautiful views encountered during his travels have encouraged him to catch every beautiful moment of life in the memory of the camera. Although he is an amateur photographer, Adalat Aliyev approaches this work as specialist. Capturing things the others cannot see, he sets his works apart from other person’s.“A moment of life”… photos reflecting these moments, taken at different times in different places, were compiled in the album named “Impressions” in 2013 and have quickly won Adalat Aliyev new fans. This album contains photos with different theme, but one theme seems to unite this variety of topics – color. To Adalat Aliyev, color is the most attractive aspect of every object, alive or not alive. This is exactly why the photo-exhibition, held under the same name of “Impressions”, has been received with such a great interest on the side of the public. Photographs from this exhibition are loved and highly valued by a number of other famous photographers.

As a person who likes music, sports and photography, Adalat Aliyev never forgets about the importance of culture, history, and national values. He realized the organization of a series of exhibitions depicting the activity of Huseyn Aliyev, a folk painter notable for his unique of painting. The exhibitions were held both inside and outside of the country – in United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, Montenegro and Poland.

For his efficient activity during World Championship for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Azerbaijan, A.Aliyev has been awarded with a diploma issued by Ilham Aliyev, President of National Olympic Committee; Mehriban Aliyeva, President of the Azerbaijan Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation; Ege Abruzini, President of the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation; and Abulfaz Garayev, the Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic. He has been awarded with an honorary diploma for presence during the events organized by “Azerbaijan Cultural Friend” fund. On January 25, 2005, he has also been awarded with the medal “For Distinguished Civil Service” for participation in and assistance to the progress public-political processes in Azerbaijan; and in 2008 with the medal of “Progress”, issued by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev for Adalat Aliyev’s contribution to the development of television. Adalat Aliyev is currently the President of “Lider TV and Radio-Azerbaijan” LLC.